General Terms and Conditions

Last modified: 21.09.2021.

General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) for the use of the Timco Brewing Kft. webshop.

Effective: 22.09.2021.

1.Details of the operator

Name: Timco Brewing Kft.


Company registration number: 01 09 384036

Tax number: 2922455-2-43

Registered office: 1221 Budapest, Gerinc u. 11.

Bank account number: 11711003-21475733-00000000

Hosting provider: Netteszt Informatikai Kft.

2. Data protection

For further information on privacy policy please click on this link.

 3. Persons participating as purchasers in the contract is only available for use by persons over the age of 18, which includes ordering products/services. The website can only be viewed if the user declares that he/she is over 18 years of age. When delivering an order, the courier may only deliver the package (if it contains alcoholic beverages) if the recipient can credibly prove that he/she is over 18 years of age.

 4. Range of products available for purchase

The products displayed can only be ordered online.

The range of our products is primarily offered by Timco Brewing Ltd. Brewery Ltd. products and products related to beer consumption or Timco Brewing Ltd. Brewing Ltd. brewery brand visually or at a utility level, and may also include other craft beers.

The images displayed on the webshop are illustrations only, may differ from reality and the packages may not contain the products shown in the image. Timco Brewing Ltd. is entitled to change the contents of the packages.

 5. Selection of the product

The customer has the possibility to choose and order products from the store. The customer can click on the selected product to view a more detailed description of it. If he/she wishes to purchase a product, he/she can add it to a virtual shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. By clicking on the “Cart” button, you will find the products you have added to your cart, the total amount of your invoice and the shipping costs. Here you can check the correctness of your order, in particular the prices and quantities, which you can modify or correct as required. The shopping cart automatically calculates the total amount of the order. You can also use the “Redeem Coupon” option to claim individual discount coupons.

 6. Sending the order

If you are happy with the quantity of products in your shopping cart, have checked the total amount and have decided to purchase them, simply click on the “Proceed to checkout” button. This interface requires you to enter your personal details, delivery details, etc. If you have previously created a profile on our site and are logged into this profile, the Shopping Cart will automatically fill in your details. You can check them here and then proceed with your purchase.

If you have not previously registered on our site, you can create a new account by ticking the “Create an account?” box, which will allow you to automate the process of entering your details in the Shopping Cart for future purchases.

If you agree with the contents of the Cart, click on the “Submit Order” button to submit your order. Orders received will be processed every weekday between 9am and 4pm.

 7. Prices

Our prices are the list prices in force at the time of ordering, which you will find next to the products in the webshop. Prices are in HUF and include 27% VAT. Prices are indicative and subject to change without notice. The prices shown on the site do not include delivery costs. The shipping cost can be found in the checkout process before finalizing the order and also in the Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

If there is an error or omission in the products or prices on the webshop, we reserve the right to correct it. In such a case, we will inform the buyer of the new details immediately after the error is detected or amended. The buyer may then confirm the order once again or either party may withdraw from the contract.

 8. Possibility to correct data entry errors

You have the possibility to correct data entry errors before pressing the “Submit Order” button. Before finalizing the order, the customer will be taken to a summary page. Here all the data entered is clearly visible (e.g. delivery address).

9. Confirmation of the order

All orders will be confirmed by e-mail. This means that after placing the order, the customer will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the receipt of the order. We will also send you an e-mail later on with any additional delivery information. In the event that the customer requests the product to be delivered to a different delivery address, we will send an electronic invoice to the e-mail address provided in the Billing Information after the purchase.

10. Delivery methods

Deliveries are made by home delivery, pick-up from a parcel machine or personal delivery at one of our Parcel Pick-up Points. We are not able to treat separate orders as a single parcel, but we will always try to find the most favorable conditions for the customer. We do not currently ship abroad.

During the checkout process, delivery charges are always automatically calculated by our website based on the selected delivery method and the products in the shopping cart.

Delivery to Hungary: 1690,- Ft

Free delivery for orders over 15 000,- Ft

Delivery time:

The estimated delivery time for orders is 2-5 working days from the working day after the order is placed.

11. Payment methods:

Payment by credit card:

We use the SimplePay Online Payment System in our webshop, which is developed and operated by OTP Mobil Kft.

The invoice will be sent to the customer by e-mail or printed out, depending on the delivery and payment method.

12. Changes for payment by credit card:

The customer can identify himself by entering the code received by SMS and the password received from the bank, but also by using the fingerprint scanner of his phone or facial recognition (e.g. Face ID). It is up to the card issuer to choose which of these identification options to use.

It is important to note that the 3DS2 authentication protocol used in PSD2 (when authenticating online payments) transfers personal data to payment service providers, which they use only for authentication purposes, but do not store the data.

However, under the GDPR, customers must be informed of this, which in practice means that the data protection notice must include the financial service provider as a data processor.

13. Withdrawal from delivery

If the online shop fails to fulfill its contractual obligations because it does not have the goods specified in the contract or is unable to provide the service ordered, it must inform the customer accordingly.

If the customer has requested a pick-up from the webshop and does not receive the goods 10 working days after the order date or does not notify the webshop of the delay in receipt by email (, the webshop shall withdraw from the contract and shall notify the customer in writing.

13.1 The online shop does not conclude contracts with minors, customers must be at least 18 years of age.

By accepting the terms and conditions of sale, the customer declares that he/she is of legal age.

13.2 Return of the product

The product will only be returned in its original condition and packaging, in a complete quantitative and qualitative state.

14. Information on the terms of contract

The language of conclusion of the contract is Hungarian, the contract concluded is not considered to have been concluded in writing. The contract concluded will not be filed, will not be accessible subsequently and will not refer to any code of conduct. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for any typographical errors or incorrect information! The product descriptions on the product pages are for information purposes only and do not always contain all the information about the product.

15. Right of withdrawal of the customer

The customer may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days, provided that he submits a document stating his intention to withdraw by post on the 14th day at the latest. The customer may exercise his right of withdrawal from the day on which he takes delivery of the goods. The seller must reimburse the amount paid by the customer without delay and at the latest within 30 days of the withdrawal.

The customer shall bear the costs incurred in returning the goods as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal. In the event that the parcel or a part of it is not delivered because the customer is under 18 years of age or cannot credibly prove this at the request of the courier, the cost of returning the parcel shall be borne by the customer. The customer shall not be liable for any other costs.

The seller may, however, claim compensation for any damage resulting from improper use of the goods. If the goods returned under the right of withdrawal are not in a perfect, resalable condition, the customer shall be liable to pay damages if the deterioration, destruction or other impossibility of returning the goods was caused by the customer’s wilful misconduct or negligence.

If the goods are found to be damaged when opened in the presence of the person who delivered them (postman, courier) and the damage occurred before the goods were received, we will ensure that the goods are taken back and the sale cancelled immediately. Damage of any kind, lack of contents must be included in the report of facts between the consignee and the consignee at the time of delivery of the consignment! We cannot be held responsible for any subsequent lack of content or damage!

The purchaser does not have the right of withdrawal without justification (objective, absolute) in respect of products marketed as foodstuffs by nature. Because of the impossibility of checking that the purchaser complies with the rules on food hygiene, storage and food safety, the distributor would expose consumers to risks by reselling the product returned by the purchaser, and therefore no unjustified withdrawal is possible for such products after they have been handed over to the purchaser. In view of the above, the webshop draws the attention of the customers that the customer does not have the right granted in Article 20 of Government Decree 45/2014 (26.II.) regarding the ordered Alcoholic Products. This does not preclude the customer from exercising the rights set out in Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.) for Products other than Alcoholic Products.

The text of the Government Decree on the exercise of the right of withdrawal is available at this link.

For more information on exercising the right of withdrawal, please visit the website of the National Consumer Protection Authority.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, please send an email to

16. Change or cancel an order

Pursuant to Act CVIII of 2001, when an order is placed, the software of the seller’s online shop immediately notifies the customer of the fact that the order has been placed. This notification does not constitute a contract between the seller and the buyer. It merely indicates to the buyer that his order request has been registered by our system and forwarded to the relevant member of the seller’s staff.

If the buyer does not receive this e-mail within 48 hours, the buyer’s bidding obligations will be terminated.

The seller will give the buyer the opportunity to withdraw his order by electronic means until the order is completed. Once the order has started to be fulfilled, the buyer will be informed by e-mail of the expected time of fulfillment and the fact that the order has started to be fulfilled, after which the buyer will only be able to cancel his order via the contact details under “Contact”.

Subsequent modifications to the order can only be made in writing by e-mail.

17. Product reviews in the webshop

Our company will moderate in advance and will not approve textual product reviews submitted by users if they contain content that advocates or promotes illegal or harmful activities; profane, vulgar, obscene, threatening or harassing content; discriminatory content; content that violates the rights of another person or entity, including intellectual property rights and rights of privacy; content that endangers the safety of users or other persons.

Other provisions:

“I acknowledge that the following personal data stored by the data controller Timco Brewing Kft. (1221 Budapest, Gerinc u. 11.) in the user database of [] will be transferred to OTP Mobil Kft. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. 30-32.) as data processor. [Name, Email address, Phone number, Billing address data, Delivery address data]

The nature and purpose of the data processing activities carried out by the data processor can be found in the SimplePay Data Processing Notice, at the following link: