Where does TIMCO come from?

TIMCO was born in three unique and distinct stages, evolving slowly over a five-year period.

Stage 1: Dream State

Tim Helmick, the master brewer, co-founder of TIMCO, and the namesake, has been brewing beer at home since 2015. He has tried (and sometimes failed!) brewing many different types of craft beer; everything from dark stout to light hefeweizen. Through trial and error, he figured out what are the beers he likes to make (and drink!) and the desire started to grow to share those beers with other like-minded drinkers. Of course, he experimented with friends and family first, seeing what worked and what they liked/didn’t like.

Stage 2: Hammer meets Anvil – Sparks Fly!

Balazs Vesztergom, co-founder of TIMCO, joined the picture in 2018. Balazs brings a wealth of knowledge to the opening of TIMCO through his experience in the wine world. Both Balazs and Tim bring their experience in owning their own pub, Davy Byrne’s Irish Pub, in Budapest, also. Balazs has a passion for quality products and encouraged Tim in pursuing his craft beer dream.

Stage 3: A Trip to Foreign Soil Brings Everything Back Home

Finally, everything synthesized on their joint trip (in 2019) with a our photographer, Tim Graf, to Belgium, where Tim H. introduced Balazs to the amazing world of Belgian beer! Balazs began to appreciate the potential of great tasting craft beer and Tim H. started to realize the potential for the market!

Present Day:

Beginning in April 2021, Balazs and Tim jumped headfirst into TIMCO, brewing their first batches of Illatos/Wheat, VOROS/Irish Red and HOPLO/IPA at their exclusive partner firm’s (Feher Nyul Brewery) facility. With the top-class facility and the brewing experience of Tim, we are delighted to bring you these three quality beers. We are looking forward to continuing to provide our dedicated and amazing customers with many more exciting, new products for many years to come!