TIMCO Pink Dragon

What does a fiery dragon, sweet pink guava and a fragrant pink hibiscus flower all have in common? TIMCO! This lager was the creation of our continuing theme of combining spices and fruit in a new and unique way. Light-bodied, crisp, refreshing Czech-style lager combines with the delicate hint of hibiscus aroma, leading to a flood of sweetness from the pink guava, but be careful! The dragon is circling overhead, to give this beer a twist of spicy Szechuani-inspired fire. Perfect for sharing with a friend or two, PINK DRAGON will take you on a mythical, magical ride you won’t soon forget!

Ingredients: water, malted wheat, malted barley, Hibiscus, Pink Guava, Szechuan pepper, hops, yeast (YF-301)

Alc. 5,1% vol. | 12,8°B | 27 IBU | 31 EBC

1200 Ft